Since September 2013, you have been able to buy posters and canvas at The Disney Gallery, which is located at the Disney Village, for a little capital of money relative to the value of these paintings which are sold around 500 or 600€ (more or less $750): This is the concept of The Art of Disney on Demand!

The Art of Disney on demand 1

The mainstay is very simple :

  • You choose your picture by delving into the touch screen;
  • You choose the size of your picture;
  • You view all the frames which are suggested;
  • You type your delivery address;
  • You validate your purchase;
  • You pay your canvas at the cash desk;
  • Your canvas or picture will be sent within a period of 2 or 3 weeks.

the art Disney on demand modeles

The choice of the picture:

There are different groups of images : Attractions Posters, Disney Artists – Darren Wilson, 100 Mickey’s, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse Weeklies, Story Sketches, Short film posters, Princesses, Classic Disney Movies (they are sorted by alphabetical order but all categories aren’t presented yet). Nevertheless, we feel a little bit concerned about the quality of a couple of pictures which seem to come from Google Images, but we hope that each Disney movie will get its own picture soon.

art disney on demand attractions

The different canvas of Disneyland Paris’ attractions, especially long-awaited by the Disney fans. 

The choice of the size

Prices are proportional with the size you choose but also with the frame -which are : poster or canvas. Sizes vary according to the images. Here are some examples for you so you can better understand :

  • Belle: 40x50cm (15×19 inches), canvas, without frame : 85€ ($115)
  • Walt Disney: 40x70cm (19×27 inches), poster, with a frame : 145€ ($196)
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle: 66x100cm (26×39 inches), canvas, with a frame : 230€ ($311)

art Disney on demand exemples

The choice of the frame:

For those who want a personalized frame, there are six kind of frames : old gold, black and gold, natural wood, oil-rubbed bronze or black and white.

the art Disney on demand cadres

To finish, here’s an example with Beauty and the Best, a canvas with a old gold frame and sizes 70x50cm (19×27 inches) : 160€ ($216).

the art Disney on demand test Belle bete


the art Disney on demand

Are you going to try this during your next trip ?

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